Yamaha Marine Unveils Environmentally-Friendly Outboard


Yamaha Marine Group’s new 2.5-horsepower portable outboard proves that it’s possible to produce quality new boating products that are also incredibly environmentally friendly. Due to internal improvements and key design changes, Yamaha’s outboard is better than ever.

Perhaps the best news for boaters concerned about their impact on the environment, internal improvements to the outboard have made combustion cleaner and more efficient. Yamaha has proof to back this boast up, too: the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) certified the outboard with a three-star “ultra-low emissions” ranking.

The outboard is also easier to operate in a number of ways. Design improvements give the outboard smoother throttle operation than previous models, due to a unique two-cable control system. There’s good news for your back, too: the redesigned outboard has a more ergonomic carrying handle, and can be stored virtually anywhere in both horizontal and vertical positions.

The Yamaha 2.5-horsepower portable outboard will be available in both short and long shaft configurations nationwide in March 2016.

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