World's First Electric Stand-Up Personal Watercraft


For proof that the boating industry has entered into an age of innovation, look no further than the Gratis X1, considered the world’s first electric stand-up personal watercraft. The Gratis X1 is developed by Free Form Factory as an environmentally-friendly PWC option.

The Gratis X1’s electric engine provides a number of benefits: The motor is silent, it doesn’t require fuel and it creates no emissions. It can be charged anywhere with a standard 110V electrical outlet or propane-based generator. A full charge with the integrated power pack provides up to 45 minutes on the water.

“With the Gratis X1, riders will experience a powerful, fun and quiet ride on some of the most pristine waterways on earth,” says Jordan Darling, founder and CEO of Free Form Factory. “Free of the restrictions imposed on gas-powered watercraft, the Gratis X1 gives riders of all levels the ability to explore lakes, rivers and oceans they could only dream about riding before.

The Gratis X1 is constructed from a lightweight, durable polymer and utilizes Zero Motorcycles drivetrain technology. The entire deck and hull components are recyclable, emphasizing the environmentally-friendly nature of the Gratis X1.

Boaters can order the Gratix X1, which starts at $17,990, online at for delivery in fall 2017.