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World Record-Breaking Kayak Trip Set for 2017


Next March, one Missouri resident will attempt to set a world record for the most miles kayaked in a single year. Traci Lynn Martin will set out from Port Huron, Michigan on March 13, 2017 with the goal of covering 8,600 miles in 265 days. Martin is an expedition kayaker and ultra-endurance competitive kayaker who also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.

Martin will start at Port Huron and circumnavigate each of the Great Lakes and beyond. She will cover water in two countries, five Canadian provinces and 14 states. Her trip will also be filmed for a documentary, “Just Around the Pointe.” Local paddlers are invited to join Martin on various legs of the trip. Martin’s progress will be updated on, and a timeline and map are available at

Martin is a competitive kayaker and registered nurse based in Missouri. In 2010 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease affecting the joints. Despite this, Martin has continued to race competitively in numerous mixed tandem division and women’s solo division races. Her 2017 trip will attempt to break the current official record held by Marcin Gienieczko of Poland at 3,462.89 miles.

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"Just Around The Pointe" Teaser from Through A Glass Productions on Vimeo.

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