What's On My Boat? iPhone App


On the heels of its successful Man Overboard (MOB) app created for the Apple iPhone, Intelligent Maintenance just released a new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod designed to help boaters get organized and ready for the upcoming season.

The app, called What’s On My Boat?™, lets boaters make an inventory of everything on board, see where it’s stowed, what it looks like, and assign it to a list. This way, you can easily see what needs replacing or servicing… and even have the exact part numbers with you when you’re at the chandlery searching out replacements! 

The app is a cinch to use. Simply enter an item and then at your convenience you can add photos, a location, categories, lists, notes… everything you need to keep the boat organized and critical information up to date.

The What’s On My Boat? app is available for download through Apple iTunes at a cost of $1.99 or on the company’s website,

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