Weems & Plath Personal Rescue Strobe


Nautical safety and navigation manufacturer Weems & Plath has added another innovative safety item to its inventory: The Personal Rescue Strobe. The light is designed to fit on a life jacket or harness.

The Personal Rescue Strobe is rugged and Coast Guard approved. It is DIVE-rated to 1,000 feet and based on deep-sea diving requirements. The light is powered by a 200 Lumen LED bulb, which sits inside an unbreakable Lexan lens. The light cone extends visibility, making it brighter than average compact strobes and visible from two miles away.

Boaters can activate the light with an easy on/off twist motion. The Personal Rescue Strobe will flash 60 times per minute with a 360-degree view. Purchase includes a Velcro hook and loop strap, and two 4-inch zip ties for installation on Type I, II, III and V PFDs. Requires one AA battery. Starts at $69.99.

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