Weems & Plath New Man Overboard Wheel


Weems & Plath adds to their line of safety products with the release of the Man Overboard Wheel.

The two-sided quick reference Man Overboard Wheel is made of durable PVC. One side features a five-step instruction list for the Williamson Turn maneuver, and the other side shows procedures for initial actions and recovery when a person goes overboard from a power-driven vessel. When the user turns the internal dial on the MOB wheel to the current compass heading, the tool displays the other two headings that should be used to turn the helm for recovery. The Williamson Turn, sometimes referred to as button hook turn, is a time-honored rescue technique used for vessels under power when the location of the overboard person in the water is uncertain.

“Safety at sea is a top priority for Weems & Plath, and we are excited to introduce this new product that will help boaters save lives,” says Weems & Plath President Peter Trogdon.

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