Weego N-Series Brings Any Engine Back to Life


The new N-Series line of jump starters by Weego promises to bring just about any engine back to life. The line features four levels of jump starters designed to charge any size of engine and for any budget.

“On the water, we don’t have time to flag down a nearby boater, stand by for a tow, or even wait for a phone recharge,” says Gerry Toscani, CEO of Weego. “With the latest Weego N-Series, you can get any engine up and running again on any budget — from cars, PWCs and boats, to the trucks that pull them — in no time and they're guaranteed to work when it counts. If it rolls or floats, Weego can jump it.”

The N-Series isn’t just for the big guns; most models can also recharge phones, tablets, laptops, and accessories via USB, 12V and 19V outputs. The line includes: The N66, the most powerful jump starter, designed for gas engines up to 10L (diesel up to 5L); the N44, for gas engines up to 7L (diesel up to 3.5L); the N22, the most efficient, for gas engines up to 5L (diesel up to 2.5L); and the N22S, at similar to the N22 but without accessory-charging capabilities.

The N22S starts at $69.99l. For more information, visit