Wash Off Winter with SpeedWash Pressure Washer


With Generac’s latest pressure washer, it’s all in the name: SpeedWash promises to make powerwashing a boat an easier, faster chore. SpeedWash is outfitted with a “PowerDial” on the pressure washer’s gun, which allows the user to easily adjust output pressure.

The PowerDial has four different settings, each suited for certain tasks: The automobile setting is designed for washing a car; the wood setting is for siding, fences and similar vertical surfaces; the concrete setting is good for driveways, pavement and other horizontal surfaces; and the soap setting is perfect for applying detergent and cleaning products. The SpeedWash comes in two models: One with a maximum output pressure of 2900 PSI, and another with a maximum output pressure of 3200 PSI. 

The SpeedWash will be available at home centers and through online retailers. Learn more about the SpeedWash at

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