Walker Bay Upgrades Generation Line


Walker Bay Boats has announced that it’s time for an upgrade to the Generation 400 and 450 models. This round of improvements will incorporate new design features, improved building technology and additional color accent options.

“After we added new ideas into the larger 17-foot boat, we wanted to go back to the drawing board to see how we could trickle those improvements down the rest of the line,” says Stefano Rista, president of Walker Bay Boats. “The unique construction process of the 525 makes it handle better than other RIBs like it, so it makes sense to incorporate these improvements into the other models.”

The new 400 and 450 models will be built with the company’s “Polyurethane Composite Micro Stringer system,” which claims to make the hull lighter and stronger. Walker Bay will also join the hull and deck using a unidirectional glass and polyurethane grid bonding system, which eliminates the air cavity commonly found in other RIBs. Walker Bay says these construction improvements will make the new models stronger and better able to absorb chop while moving at a good pace. The Generation models will now be available in classic grey, carbon black and ocean blue accent options.

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