Volvo Penta Video Series Shows Off Products


To promote the launch of its latest products, Volvo Penta is also releasing a series of short online films, collectively called the “Volvo Penta Boating Challenge.” The company hopes the films will prove to boaters that their products can deliver.

The “Volvo Penta Boating Challenge” series has four episodes, each of which focuses on a different Volvo Penta product. Boaters can watch Volvo Penta’s IPS, e-Key Remote and Battery Management System, Glass Cockpit and the latest joystick technology in action.

“When it comes to boating, if you really want to experience a new product, there is no substitute to being out on the water and seeing it in action for yourself,” says Hanna Ljungqvist, a Volvo Penta product expert and the co-host of the series. “When filming the “Volvo Penta Boating Challenge, we’ve tried to replicate this experience. We don’t bombard the viewer with facts and figures — we just show them what each product can do.”

To check out the series, boaters should visit Volvo Penta’s YouTube channel ( or Facebook page (