Volvo Introduces Easy Connect App


With Volvo Penta’s new Easy Connect app and interface you can keep tabs on your boat’s engine activity whether you're at sea or at home. Boaters can view boat, engine and route data right on their cell phones when they enable Easy Connect.

The Easy Connect app provides boaters with real-time boat and engine data to complement displays at the helm. This “Captain’s View” mode shows route, engine speed, coolant temperature, fuel tank levels, battery status, engine hours, oil pressure and alarms.

The “Home View” mode allows boaters to check in on past trips once the sun goes down. In this mode, boaters can access info stored from previous trips, such as maps and routes. Boaters can also share their trips on social media through the map function.

The Easy Connect app is compatible with all new and installed Volvo Penta EVC gasoline and diesel engines from 2003 and newer, as well as with older non-EVC gasoline engines since 2006. Boaters simply need to download the Easy Connect app and connect their smart device via Bluetooth to their engine.

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