Three New Propellers from Yamaha


Yamaha has announced three new propellers for boaters looking to cruise in the 150- to 300-hp range. The Reliance SDS propeller, the Saltwater Series II propeller and the Saltwater Series HS4 propeller all feature improved Shift Dampener Systems (SDS) technology and require no special hardware for installation.

“These new propellers are easier to operate and install,” says Ben Speciale, president of Yamaha Marine Group. “The SDS hub needs no special washer for operation, which results in quiet, smooth, no-clunk shifting.”

In particular, the Saltwater Series II SDS are designed to work best with Yamaha F200 through F300 V6 outboards. They provide good acceleration and load-carrying capacity for larger boats. The Reliance Series SDS works well with large inline four-cylinder, four-stroke outboards in the F150 through F200 range, and are some of Yamaha’s top-performing propellers. The Saltwater Series HS4 SDS four-blade propellers work well in collaboration with Yamaha 200- to 300-hp four-stroke outboards.

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