The Six-1 Conductor: Symphony's First All-Electric Boat


Cars aren’t the only vehicles going electric. This spring, the Symphony Boat Company will be selling the Six-1 Conductor, the first of an all-electric series of boats. Symphony Boat Company is a small boat manufacturer that specializes in creating light, stylish boats from aluminum, marine plywood, foam and epoxy.

“Our motto at Symphony Boat Company is ‘in harmony with nature’,” says Marcel LaFond, owner of Symphony Boat Company, in a press release. “We wanted an all-electric line to prevent pollution in our waterways and secure the pleasure of boating for generations to come.”

The Six-1 Conductor is the product of a partnership between Symphony Boat Company, Torqeedo and Lamboo Technologies. Torqeedo provided the motor for the Six-1 Conductor, and Lamboo, a bio-based materials company, created the boat’s bamboo hull. The 20-foot Six-1 can hold up to six people and reach up to 27 mph.

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