The New Kayak Express Set to Debut at Pictured Rocks This Summer


Pictured Rocks Kayaking has found a name for the new passenger vessel that Moran Iron Works has been building. The Kayak Express name was originally chosen by the vessel’s captain, Joe Lasak.

A “Name That Vessel” competition was held over social media so people could submit ideas for the name. With more than 100 submissions and names such as Michigan Paddler, Kayak Launcher, Innovation Maiden and Gitche Gumee suggested from people all over the country, the team ultimately decided to go with Captain Lasak’s idea. A random winner was also chosen for a two-person kayaking trip.

The 72-person aluminum vessel has room for 36 kayaks and features a gyro stabilization system designed to keep the boat from rocking as kayaks are launched. It also will be a fun color, helping it stand out against the famous rocks! Kayak Express is set to launch in Lake Superior this summer.

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