Syntek Global's XFT Available For All Engine Types


Syntek Global is offering a double whammy with their Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT): not only does the fuel additive combat the effects of ethanol and stabilize fuel sitting in your tank, it’s also environmentally friendly, reducing emissions by 33 percent.

This EPA-registered product has the power to clean out the engines; stabilize diesel and ethanol; prevent rust in fuel tanks; eliminate the need for dry gas; and help burn fuel more efficiently, providing a higher MPG.

Synetk Global’s XFT works on just about any engine, as well, from a weed-whacker to an ocean freighter. XFT works in any type of fuel, whether that’s any grade of gas, bio-diesel or diesel. 

Plus, XFT is effective in small ratios, making it easy to store a small bottle on the boat. For example, a 4oz bottle that treats 320 gallons is available for $55.30.

For more information and pricing on larger quantities of XFT, visit

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