Swagtron Releases Electric Jetboard


How do you surf without any waves? Well, Swagtron has figured it out! They have launched the Swagsurf Electric Jetboard, an inflatable eSUP board that can reach speeds of 12.5 mph. A brushless DC jet motor and a waterproof floating Bluetooth remote power the board so surfers who don’t have access to swell can still have the experience of riding a surfboard.

“Most of us are not close enough to the ocean to be able to actually surf, but lakes and rivers are a lot more accessible,” says Jason Wakefield, Swagtron’s director of marketing. “And with the proliferation of SUPs, people are able to explore almost any body of water. Swagsurf combines that accessibility with the thrill of surfing, no waves required.”

Riders can enjoy 45 minutes of surfing (depending on their height and weight) as the board has a 48 V battery that is easily removable to charge. The jetboard is available starting at $2,599. For more information, visit

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