Supra Unveils New 2018 SL


Supra Boats has designed what it calls “the most technically advanced towboat to ever hit the water.” The 2018 Supra SL is a 23-foot, 5-inch performance inboard towboat that can accommodate 17 passengers.

The Supra SL features new lines, cutting-edge wake performance and a number of patented technology features to emphasize style and function. In particular, Supra emphasizes the Supra SL’s standard 3,500-pound sub-floor ballast. A new feature is the SL’s FxONE Power Folding Tower, a billet aluminum tower that can easily fold up or deploy with the push of a button. Boaters will also find a max coverage Bimini, the Supra Swell Surf 3.0 system, and the patented Supra AutoWake 2 system.

The Supra SL, along with all 2018 Supra models, was released on August 22.

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