Sunstream Creates Automatic Boat Covers


With two new products from Sunstream Boat Lifts, boaters can protect their vessels from the elements at the push of a button. Sunstream has developed two new configurations of SwiftShield Automatic Boat Covers: The Universal Automatic Boat Cover (ABC-U) and the Piling Automatic Boat Cover (ABC-P).

Both boat covers can be deployed with a keychain-operated remote and use a hydraulic-powered arm and spring-loaded roller to deploy a custom, tight-fitting cover. The full-mooring covers protect the sides and stern of the boat. When you take the boat out for a spin, the cover is stored on a roller.

Both models are compatible with most boat lifts; The boat cover mechanism mounts to the guide-ons or frame of most boat lifts.

Sunstream custom covers are sold separately. To create the customized cover, a boater must measure 75 different points around the boat with a small, handheld laser. Boaters then send this data to Sunstream, who will then create a customized cover in roughly two weeks.

The ABC-U and ABC-P can accommodate boats up to 42 feet and start at $6,999. Custom covers start at $2,000.

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