Steve Jobs’ Yacht Finished Posthumously


Just one year after Apple founder Steve Jobs’ death, shipbuilders in Aalsmeer, Holland completed construction of the megayacht Jobs spent years designing, according to a recent story published in Yahoo! News.

Built entirely of aluminum, the yacht was designed by Jobs, with help from French designer Phillipe Stack. The vessel, named Venus, measures between 70 and 80 meters (230 and 262 feet). Luxurious amenities reportedly include a large sun deck with built-in Jacuzzi tub, all-glass cabin, and state-of-the-art bridge outfitted with 7 27" iMacs than handle the ship’s navigation and controls.

After the megayacht’s completion, Yahoo! News reports the Jobs family hosted a christening party with the shipbuilders, all of whom were said to have received iPod Shuffles with the Venus name engraved on the back as a token of thanks.

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