Solar Shield ClipOns


Prescription sunglasses are expensive. So what happens if you accidentally lose them overboard, or leave them at the marina? It can certainly be a wallet-busting hassle.

Kiss potential tragedy goodbye with Solar Shield ClipOns from Dioptics Sunwear. These easy-to-use and -store clip-on fronts attach right to your favorite pair of eyeglasses, transforming every pair into prescription lenses. The lenses are lightweight and feature a smooth, spring-loaded bridge that adjusts to narrow-, wide- and regular-width eyeglasses. They are polarized to eliminate glare, block 100 percent of damaging UVA/UVB rays and are completely scratch resistant.

Available in more than 250 combinations of shapes, sizes and styles, research shows that Solar Shield ClipOns will fit more than 95 percent of all eyeglasses on the market today. Styles are priced between $16 and $18 and come with a one-year, limited-time warranty.

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