Created by Bill Matley, member and director of The Great Lakes Cruising Club, the ShoreStop-n-GO is a new, simple, inexpensive device that will help release and retrieve your shoreline from the safety and comfort of your boat. When you’re ready to depart, simply pull in your retriever line to slip the ShoreStop-n-GO from its knot, releasing your boat from shore and allowing you to haul in your lines. The device will stay in place even if the boat line becomes slack. Ideal for tides, currents or wind shifts.

The ShoreStop-n-GO is made from high-density urethane tooling resin and stainless steel hardware. It’s available in two models: the GO and GO ES (Enhanced Security), which is equipped with a second stainless steel screw eye.

Priced at $45 (GO) and $50 (GO ES) at View a video of the product in action at

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