SeaSucker's New Waste Band Keeps Things Tidy


The time for makeshift garbage bags (or bins, buckets, storage lockers) is over. SeaSucker has developed the Waste Band, a plastic hoop and clip device that conveniently holds garbage bags in place on your boat.

The Waste Band uses SeaSucker’s unique marine vacuum mounts, which easily attach and remove from fiberglass surfaces without screws. Installation is as simple as attaching the Waste Band in a convenient location, throwing on a garbage bag and clipping it in. The Waste Band comes in two sizes and two color options (black or white). The small waste band has an opening of approximately 6 by 4 inches, uses two clips and one vacuum mount. The medium waste band has an opening of about 12 by 7 inches, uses four clips and two vacuum mounts.

The Waste Band is currently available for $85.00 for the small band and $140.00 for the medium band.

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