Say Goodbye to Barnacles with Sharkskin


Prevent your boat from getting grimy next season with Sea Hawk paint’s anti-fouling bottom paint, Sharkskin. This hard modified epoxy anti-fouling bottom paint is 45.2 percent copper-based, and aggressively fights off barnacles, sea grass, green weed and other organisms found in both fresh and saltwater. Sharkskin can be applied over most anti-fouling coatings, and boasts Sea Hawk’s most effective copper release rate, better color consistency and a more consistent viscosity. Boaters can purchase Sharkskin in black, blue, dark blue, green and red.

Sea Hawk Paints is family-owned and operated business based in Florida and has been manufacturing products like Sharkskin for over 30 years. They also sell varnishes, cleaners, epoxy fillers and a wide array of anti-fouling bottom paints. Sharkskin can be purchased at certain retail locations or through the company’s website.

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