Save Your Fabric with Iosso Water Repellent


Before the season starts, protect fabrics on your boat from dirt, grime, oil, mildew, bird droppings and other stains with Iosso Water Repellent. The product won’t alter the color of the fabric, whether it's acrylic, canvas, vinyl or laminated, as it isn’t solvent-based and doesn't contain silicone.

All you need to do to is apply the solution to clean, dry fabric. A second coat can be applied after five minutes or the material can be soaked for additional security. After 24 hours of drying, your sealed fabric is ready for exposure!

Iosso Water Repellent is affordable and reliable. A 4-ounce bottle is $3.75 and a 32-ounce spray bottle is $20.95. Buying a concentrated 32-ounce bottle makes two gallons and is $65.

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