Raymarine Sonars, FLIR Cameras


Boating may be safer and more enjoyable than ever, thanks to the recent release of Raymarine/FLIR’s three new sonars and two new thermal cameras.

From FLIR, the new M4000 stabilized, multi-sensor thermal camera and handheld Ocean Scout thermal camera help boaters stay safe on the water by allowing them to spot other vessels, avoid collisions, and see clearly in total darkness. The M4000 features a high-resolution, 640 by 480 thermal imager paired with a unique, three-times continuous optical zoom lens. The Ocean Scout is a compact, handheld thermal camera that features a new high-res LCD display and has the power to detect human-sized targets up to 600 yards away. Two versions are available: 240 by 180 resolution and 320 by 240 resolution.

From Raymarine, the new CP570 Professional CHIRP sonar, CP470 CHIRP sonar and CP370 digital sonar are engineered for serious anglers. The CP570 allows users to see through dense schools of baitfish, identify thermoclines, and simultaneously target desired game fish with exceptional clarity. The CP470 features intelligent on-board filtering for clear, low-noise imagery. The CP370 delivers sharper fish targets and automatic operation using Raymarine’s next-generation ClearPulse digital sonar processing.

Retail price for the Ocean Scout 240 is $1,999; the Ocean Scout 320 is $2,999.
Retail price for the CP470 is $1,199; the CP570 retails for $1,999; and the CP370 retails for $699.

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