Great Lakes News

Great Lakes News

Rare Shipwreck Found in Lake Ontario


A 144-year-old scow-sloop has joined the ranks of uncovered Great Lakes shipwrecks. The single-mast ship was identified as the Black Duck in September, after reportedly first being discovered three years earlier.

The wreck was unearthed by New York explorers Jim Kennard and Roger Pawlowski. They first discovered the Black Duck with side-scan sonar off Oswego, New York. The wreck is located in deep water off Lake Ontario’s New York shore.

Kennard and Pawlowski told the Associated Press that the Black Duck shipwreck is unique because so few scow-sloops sailed in the Great Lakes. The Black Duck sank in a storm in August 1872. Fortunately, the captain, his wife and the single crew member on-board were able to make it to shore.

[Photo via Roger Pawlowski/AP]

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