Quick Cleat Simplifies Anchoring


With the new Quick Cleat Peel-n-Stick Cleat, adding a convenient cleat to your boat does not have to be an ordeal. The Peel-n-Stick Cleat is just what it sounds like: A cleat mounted on a flexible vinyl laminate that can be stuck wherever needed on your boat’s hull.

The Quick Cleat can be used on runabouts, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, inflatable boats and more. To use the Quick Cleat, a boater simply rotates the cleat and inserts a quarter-inch rope; no drilling necessary. Adjust the rope by pulling it towards you. The Quick Cleat works well for anchoring, bait buckets and towing.

The Quick Cleat comes in three different shapes: Circle, oval and flower. Boaters can also choose different size cleats, and between black, yellow, red, blue and white color options. Pricing starts at $19.95.

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