Portable Rug Doctor Cures Stain Woes


There’s nothing more aggravating than a stain that just won’t come out of your boat carpet, despite all your toughest spot-removing home remedies. But now, thanks to Rug Doctor’s Portable Spot Cleaner, you can have professional carpet-cleaning power at your fingertips. 

Rug Doctor has developed products for professional-grade carpet cleaning for more than 40 years. While most Rug Doctor products have been available for rent, the Portable Spot Cleaner is the first Rug Doctor product intended for daily home use. 

The Portable Spot Cleaner has a handheld motorized brush, retractable handle and carpet-friendly wheels for optimal maneuverability in tight spaces. The Spot Cleaner can be used on any soft surface, including upholstery, carpet or mattresses.

The Portable Spot Cleaner is $129.99. For more information, visit

South Shore JUN17