Name Game / Canine Crewmember

Name Game / Canine Crewmember

Play "Name Game" and Win!


We’re always on the lookout for interesting and inventive boat names! Send a short write-up, along with your name, your boat’s name and your home city and state, as well as a high-resolution photo of your boat (at least 1 MB) to: Please put “Name Game” in the subject line. 

If we publish your submission in a 2013 issue of Lakeland Boating, you’ll receive a FREE gift basket courtesy of Kanberra. Kanberra is a favorite of our staff. We use it to control pet odors at home and prevent mold and mildew on board. Made with Australian tea tree oil, this semi-solid, biodegradable gel dissipates when exposed to air, breaking down mildew, mold and viruses in a fragrant eucalyptus lemon scent.

South Shore JUN17