Pettit Marine Offers Two Products for DIY-ers


Pettit Marine Paint's SeaGold Satin Wood Treatment and EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer are two new products to consider when holiday shopping for boaters who like to fix things themselves. Pettit Marine Paint is a manufacturer of high performance marine coatings, and the SeaGold and EZ-Poxy products are two of its most recent offerings.

The SeaGold Satin Wood Treatment is a fast-drying, low-odor and environmentally friendly varnish. SeaGold Satin can be painted over other varnishes for a translucent amber-colored satin finish. Pettit Marine's fast-drying formula allows boaters to apply three to four coats of SeaGold in one day. SeaGold Satin Wood Treatment also was awarded the innovation award in boat care and maintenance at IBEX's most recent NMMA competition for its water-based application technology and ease of use.

EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer is an additive that creates improved gloss-retention, durability, hardness, scratch resistance and longevity to boat finishes. It can be combined with any Pettit high-gloss solvent-based topside paint, such as EZ-Poxy, EZ-Decks, EZ-Bilge and varnishes.

SeaGold starts at $44.99, and EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer starts at $27.99.

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