Oswego Receives $10 Million for Revitalization Efforts


Oswego, New York is undergoing quite the makeover thanks to a $10 million initiative that aims to revitalize the downtown area. Twelve new projects are approved, including a Lake Ontario Water Park.

“This funding is more than an investment in Oswego — it’s an investment in the future of the entire region,” says Governor Andrew Cuomo. “These investments will help make this downtown an economic engine that will support local businesses, foster growth, and have ripple effects that will keep Central New York rising for decades to come.”

Other projects include adding pedestrian and bike-friendly streetscapes, renovating the Midtown Plaza, restoring the historic Buckhour-Jones and Cahill buildings, creating a pocket park, improving the river walk and transforming a Brownfield site into a mixed-use development. The Children’s Museum of Oswego will also undergo a complete renovation.

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