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Great Lakes News

NOAA Releases Algal Bloom Forecast


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its algal bloom forecast for Lake Erie, and they predict a mild to moderate season. This forecast follows the 2015 season, which featured the largest harmful algal bloom ever recorded. In 2014, a harmful algal bloom blanketed Toledo’s water intake, leaving more than 400,000 people without access to safe drinking water for three days.

Despite the seemingly good news, many environmental groups caution that it isn’t time to celebrate just yet — the dry season has kept the algae at bay.

“If we’re going to finally tackle the serious threat of harmful algal blooms once and for all, we’re going to need the state of Ohio and all partners to act decisively to reduce farm runoff that is fueling these outbreaks,” says Gail Hesse, director of Great Lakes water programs for the National Wildlife Federation.

Photo Courtesy of NOAA Great Lakes


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