NOAA Offers “Print-on-Demand” Paper Nautical Charts


In 1861, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began using a government printing and distribution system for paper nautical charts. It worked flawlessly for many years, but oh, how times have changed. Charts were being printed in large quantities and sold for a number of years, growing more and more outdated as time passed.

NOAA has announced that it is transitioning out of the government-run system and authorized seven private companies to offer “print-on-demand” charts. This will allow for charts to be updated frequently with critical corrections. NOAA will maintain control over the charts, while companies including OceanGrafix, Marine Press and The Map Shop have all jumped on board as printing services.

The print-on-demand services will offer customers more options in terms of paper, color and size, all while being more up to date.

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Photo courtesy of NOAA

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