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New Michigan License Plate Wins Award


The annual Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA Inc.) Best Plate of the Year Award was recently announced, and Michigan's Mackinac Bridge license plate won with flying colors, according to a FOX 47 News article published online. The plate was one of 12 finalists selected from a collection of license plates from around the world. Plates were judged by the "overall attractiveness" of the design, according to the article. 

The new Michigan license plate, featuring the glistening blue Lake Michigan and the iconic Mackinac Bridge against a vibrant orange sunset, was first issued last August. The state's slogan, "Pure Michigan," is bannered on the top of the plate.

The Mackinac Bridge plate was designed by Brian Whitfield, a Michigan Department of Transportation employee. To date, more than 112,000 have been sold.

The last time Michigan won the ALPCA award was back in 1976, with its red, white and blue bicentennial plate. For more information, visit

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