Nauti-GLIDE Mooring System


KJM Applied Concepts president, Ken Mahlich, was tired of worrying about his boat during storms on Lake Erie and decided to design a better way to dock his boat. The result is the all-new Nauti-GLIDE Mooring System, a patented boat tie-up system that provides safe and secure dock tie-off for pleasure boats 20 to 60 feet.

“In the process I found that the Nauti-GLIDE made it easier for my aging parents and my young kids to get on and off our boat,” Mahlich says. 

The system consists of a pair of marine-grade aluminum glides with cleats that allows boats to safely weather the ups and downs of changing water levels. The patented glide design eliminates the need for dock line adjustments due to changes in water level, while making the process of tying off easier by being right where you need it.

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