Museum Hosts Maritime Communication Themed Exhibit


A new rotating exhibit opens this month at the Door County Maritime Museum’s Sturgeon Bay location. The temporary exhibit, “Telegraphs of the Past,” will focus on communication aboard a ship and will be open to the public beginning January 27.

“On a sea-going vessel, navigational officers control the ship’s navigation from the bridge,” said museum curator Adam Gronke in a press release. “Engineering officers control the propulsion of the ship from the engine room. Because of this separation, reliable communication is required between the navigational officer and engineer to ensure smooth and safe sailing.”

Visitors will be able to explore different communications-related artifacts through a four-stage presentation. For example, in the first section of the exhibit visitors will be able to learn about the use of voice pipes. Visitors will also have the chance to learn more about the Sound Powered Telephone and, of course, the telegraph. Some parts of the exhibit focus on artifacts, while others include interactive features and short archival videos.

“Telegraphs of the Past” runs through March. For more information, visit

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