Moores Marine Launches Moores Yachts and M30 Model


Not only has Moores Marine started a new company, Moores Yachts, it has also announced the first model under the new brand, the M30. The 30-foot boat can reach 50 mph and pays homage to historic designs.

“The M30’s lines are a tribute to the great designers of the pre-war era,” says Jim Moores, founder and president of Moores Marine. “The ducktail in the transom is inspired by John H. Wells. Known for his fast-running commuters, Wells designed for Consolidated, Defoe, and the New York Yacht, Launch and Engine Co. The transom is inspired by the late L. Francis Herreshoff, and the bow is inspired by World War I battleships.”

Those who want elegance, durability and the chance for personalization will find many comforts in the M30. For more information, visit