Montara Boats Announces Surf Pontoon


Have you ever dreamed of surfing behind a pontoon boat? Minnesota-based Montara Boats will make your dreams come true with its industry-first pontoon boat you can surf behind. This patent-pending design blends the comfort of a pontoon boat with the performance of an inboard surf boat.

“For the past 15 years I’ve watched neighbors and friends buy tow boats for watersports in addition to pontoons for entertaining. We’ve cracked the code on this and figured out how to blend these, creating the Surf Boss that does it all,” says Montara CEO Mark Overbye.

The Montara Surf Boss is available in three lengths: 21, 23 and 25 feet. The boat is equipped with PCM inboard engines , a fully enclosed head, a 5,000-pound-plus ballast system, a top-end speed that reaches 40 mph and dual swiveling captain’s chairs.

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