Microbe Test Kit Helps Solve Engine Mysteries


A bum engine is a sure way to ruin a beautiful day out on the boat — especially when you can’t figure out the problem. Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering wants to take the guesswork out of engine fuel problems with its new Microbe Test Kit.

The Microbe Test Kit contains a simple dip slide that can determine if your fuel is contaminated with biomass or diesel sludge that has built up from excess water in your fuel. To use, boaters dip the slide into the fuel, then insert the slide into a plastic tube. The slide will indicate if the fuel is contaminated in 24 to 48 hours. The Microbe Test Kit was created to help boaters determine what’s wrong with their fuel, and prevent them from spending money on chemical solutions when the real problem is biological.

The Microbe Test Kit starts at $16.96. Find it at

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