Marquis to Manufacture VanDutch Yachts


Marquis Yachts LLC of Pulaski, Wisconsin signed an agreement with VanDutch Marine Ltd. of The Netherlands to manufacture all of VanDutch’s yachts sold worldwide.

Marquis will manufacture all of VanDutch’s models, including the 30, 40, 40 Walk-Around, 45, 55 and its new 70 to be launched globally the first quarter of 2014.

“With this additional business, Marquis will immediately begin to hire up to an additional 70 employees that will ultimately expand to approximately 150 employees in the near future,” says Robert VanGrunsven, president of Marquis.

Marquis Yachts LLC is a private company owned by John Paul DeJoria and Irwin Jacobs through J&D Acquisitions.

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