Lowrance Celebrates 60th Anniversary


Lowrance has manufactured fishing electronics since 1957; for 60 years, the iconic brand has been an industry leader in product innovation and customer service.

Founded by Darrell J. Lowrance, the company revolutionized the fishing industry with the design and manufacture of the original FISH LO-K-TOR — the first transistorized sonar product to display individual fish and show their depths. The FISH LO-K-TOR is one of the most popular fishfinders ever created, with over a million sold from 1959 to 1984. Over its long and successful history, Lowrance has introduced the first sonar unit to include a micro-processor; introduced the world’s first handheld GPS for under $500; developed the world’s first LCD product with integrated GPS, mapping and sonar capabilities; patented a sonar system with an interactive display; and introduced many innovative products, like the all-new HDS Carbon series.

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