Lock Being Built Between Lakes Michigan and Winnebago


The Fox River Navigational System Authority (FRNSA) has proposed a $3.8 million boat transfer system for 2017. The proposal would build a lock and cleansing system at Rapide Croche to open the waterway from Green Bay, Wisconsin to the Winnebago Pool Lakes for commerce and recreational boating.

The Rapide Croche Lock has been closed since the 1980s, when it tested positive for invasive species.

The locks would lift boats into the transfer station where they would be high-pressure-washed with 110-degree water to remove any invasive species, and then lower them into a 112-degree water cleansing chamber for 10 minutes before being placed back into the Lower Fox River.

There has been opposition to the project due to the potential risk of spreading invasive species, including push-back from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, which says it hopes the DNR does not approve the station.

For more information, visit FOXRIVERLOCKS.ORG.

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