Lifesaving App Gains Popularity


Intelligent Maintenance, the company best known for its sailing maintenance software, recently passed a major milestone: The 1,000th download of its Man Overboard (MOB) App designed for the Apple iPhone.

“A man overboard situation happens more often that you think,” says Adrian Stanway, CEO of Intelligent Maintenance and an experienced sailor. “The problem is that even at quite low speeds, the boat can be 500 yards from the person in less than a minute. The remaining crew just cannot see the person at that distance and against the background of waves. It’s always life threatening, and, sadly, often fatal.”

The MOB App is a helpful solution to an emergency MOB situation, or use it as practice for emergency prep. It’s simple to use. Hit the MOB button, use the on-screen coordinates to call the U.S. Coast Guard, then follow the big on-screen arrow to get back to the MOB point.

Intelligent Maintenance’s MOB App is available for download through Apple iTunes at a cost of $1.99 or on the company’s website,

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