LifeCool Marine Cooler


LifeCool does more than just keep your ice cold. LifeCool is an important piece of safety gear embedded into a cooler. Like an airbag in your car — you won’t know it is there until you need it.

Coolers are generally boring, but LifeCool is different. LifeCool is a dependable alternative to buying an expensive and bulky life raft and will ensure a flotation device is available when you need it most!

As recreational boaters and search and rescue professionals we went to great lengths to design a high performance cooler. LifeCool’s thick rotational molded walls are designed to keep your food and drinks cold, but most importantly LifeCool keeps you afloat and provides optimal visibility to searchers in the air or on the water.

The LifeCool Cooler is an impressive 31 inches long, 16 inches tall and 14 inches wide. It has a storage capacity of 48 quarts and keeps your food or items nice and dry.

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