USPS Life Jacket Video Teaches Basics


A new video by the United States Power Squadrons (USPS) presents boaters with the information necessary to select the correct life jacket for their day out on the water. The video, “Choosing the Best Life Jacket,” is streaming on America’s Boating Channel.

“Choosing the Best Life Jacket” is a roughly four minute overview of best life jacket safety practices. The video covers tips for selecting the best life jacket for your on-the-water activities and common misconceptions about the proper use of life jackets.

Boaters can find other short informational videos on the America’s Boating Channel website. The organization will be launching a new video on different topics each week through April in preparation for the upcoming 2018 boating season.

Boaters can find the videos online at, YouTube or through the corresponding mobile app, available through Google Play and the iTunes App store.

Boaters can also watch the life jacket video here:

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