Life Cell Safety Device Receives Grant


A new safety device may become a staple on boats as it receives increasing support for development. Life Cell, a floating safety device by Life Cell Marine Safety, recently was awarded a $370,000 AUD grant (approximately $280,000 USD) from Australian government in order to help the company make the product commercially available.

The Life Cell is a buoyant safety device that contains safety and survival gear. It can provide floatation for up to eight adults, depending on the model. Life Cell is SOLAS-approved and endorsed by the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service.

"This grant provides the means to bring worldwide attention to our product," says Jenny Aiken, company CEO. "Our government is investing in innovation, saving lives and helping our economy grow."

The grant comes from the Australian government’s Accelerating Commercialization Program, which in part aims to create international demand for products.

To learn more about Life Cell, visit:

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