Lakeland Photographer Featured in Book


Michigan City-based photographer and longtime Lakeland Boating contributor, Paul Kemiel, knew he was onto something special on Halloween 2014, when he was traveling to the Michigan City Lighthouse in the midst of a windstorm.

“I was aware of the pending weather front and made the trek to the lakefront with the goal of capturing the crashing 25-foot waves against the lighthouse from the 50mph winds. Putting my camera and lens in a plastic bag to guard from moisture, I used one of the stone pillars on the sidewalk leading to the pier as a protective barrier for my well being and for a stable base for the camera from the buffeting winds,” says Kemiel.

Now, a photo from that collection is being featured in Photographer’s Forum Magazine’s latest book, “Best of Photography 2015.” The photo was selected as a finalist in the worldwide contest, which is based in Santa Barbara, California. The picture was among 10,000 submissions. Only the top 14 percent were published in the hardbound book.

“As I was editing my photographs, this particular image stood out due to the raw power and peak action from Mother Nature’s impact that was captured in that moment in time.” says Kemiel. “The lighthouse is our iconic landmark that symbolizes Michigan City and Northwest Indiana, and that will garnish international attention from the exposure highlighted in this picture book.  I am honored to be representing this celebrated structure with my photo.”

— Photo and article by Paul Kemiel 

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