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Great Lakes News

Lake Erie Shipwreck Guide Updated


Due to its shallow depth and severe storms, Lake Erie has claimed more than 1,700 ships, 300 of which have been found. Divers and snorkelers interested in exploring these shipwrecks can now check out an updated version of the Lake Erie Shipwrecks & Maritime Tales brochure, a free guide to shipwrecks along the Lake Erie Coast.

The shipwrecks guide contains a variety of helpful information to help divers choose where to explore. The brochure lists a total of 27 shipwrecks from Toledo to Conneaut, and lists each wreck’s GPS coordinates, information on how to access the site, a brief history of the ship, recommendations on diving experience necessary to explore each wreck, and whether mooring buoys are placed at the wreck.

The guide has been updated and published by Ohio Sea Grant in partnership with the Marine Archaeological Survey Team (MAST) and Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE).

Explorers can find the guide at coastal Ohio visitor bureaus or online at


Photo via of Ohio Sea Grant/Flickr.

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