Keep Birds Away With StopGull


They say that you’ll have seven years of good luck if a bird poops on you; however, even with promises of luck, it’s nice to have a boat that is bird poop-free. A new line of products, StopGull bird deterrents, promises to keep birds away from your boat, yacht, or dock.

The StopGull line includes a number of products. The StopGull Air features a rotating system that repels birds. It can be installed most places and removed for easy storage. The StopGull Falcon has an invisible rope and mast that telescopes to 23 feet. The StopGull Keeper is a more permanent fixture, made to be put on radars, TV antennas and lampposts. The StopGull S27 is perfect for protecting masts, navigation lights and port signals. And finally, the StopGull Riel is a permanent installment made to keep birds off nearly every boat, dock, or building surface.

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