July is Sun Safe Boating Month


Keep yourself from getting burned by participating in July’s Sun Safe Boating Month. This month-long campaign is part of the Sun Safe Boating initiative, an industry collaboration devoted to sun safety in recreational boating.

“In the heat of summer, July is the perfect time to reinforce the message that boaters need to be extra careful with sun protection and limit their exposure to harmful UV rays,” said Diane Seltzer, marketing director for SureShade, in a press release. “As strong advocates for sun safety in the boating industry, SureShade is pleased to lead the Sun Safe Boating collaboration in the ongoing effort to educate boaters on the many ways they can be more sun safe.”

Organizers declared July Sun Safe Boating Month in order to coincide with UV Safety Month (also in July). A few ways to practice sun safety include wearing sunglasses and reapplying sunscreen every two hours — even on cloudy days. Boaters can find sun facts, safety tips, information and resources on the Sun Safe Boating website,

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